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Added Investing


0:00 - Intro
0:48 - Why Fractional Shares & M1Finance
1:46 - What did I get?!
4:38 - How to pick stocks (Potential? / Growth? / Cash on the side?)
5:56 - What is the company track record?
7:15 - Is the company outperforming the index?
8:04 - Robinhood

📈M1Finance (get $10 when you open and fund the account with $100):

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👉Buying $100 of Stocks!!
What could I possibly be getting on September 2020; the covid year!! The market is down!!
Spoiler alert it required using Fractional Shares.

Disclaimer: I’m not a financial adviser. On this video and on this channel I share my journey to retiring early by creating passive income streams. Do your due diligence before investing.

👉Why Fractional Shares
100 bucks is not a whole lot, but everything has to start somewhere!!
This month I opened a M1Finance account and I funded it with $100!!
A big reason I opened this account was because M1Finance supports fractional shares; so we can buy a fraction of a share which is very helpful when talking about shares like Berkshire Hathaway that costs around $300k or even Amazon that cost almost $4k a single share.

👉M1Finance has free trades, supports fractional shares, and I am very happy I opened this account.
I don’t work for M1Finance and they sadly don’t pay me to say this. But it would be really nice if they did!!
If you want to open an account you can use my link on the description down below!! They give you $10 and they give me $10!! But this month only August 2020 they will double it and give you $20!!

👉What did I get?!
I put $85 on 4 stocks: Netflix, Amazon, Google and Tesla!!
And $15 on Berkshire Hathaway, Apple and Alibaba!!
This is a start I will keep investing and growing my positions on these companies!!
Specially my 4 biggest positions the 4 tech companies on top: Netflix, Amazon, Google and Tesla.
This is what I’m buying on September 2020 while the Market is down. The market is down because of for the last 70 years September is a down month for the market, US election is coming up and we are in a bubble.

👉How to pick stocks
A few things I look for when choosing a stock is:
1-Does it have potential?
These companies have potential and they have shown it time and time again. They barely have any competition!! The competitors are struggling to be somewhere where they can even be considered a competitor.

2-Is the company growing fast?
These companies were already growing fast but after the pandemic they have sky rocketed!! I can even go far enough to say they are even profiting from the pandemic.

3-Do they have cash reserves in case of an emergency?
Some of my picks are doing better than others on this!! Tesla has finally become a profitable company!! They have a positive P/E which is a requirement to qualify them to enter the S&P500 but Tesla didn’t make it this time.

👉4-What is the company track record?
These guys are innovators!! They disrupted the markets they play in!! Everyone is trying to sell products online now so they can compete with Amazon. Marshals has created an online selling platform. Companies are trying to stay relevant on this new world.
➡Tesla with batteries, autopilot and clean air technology is 10 years ahead and all other car makes are trying to catch up, catching up to 10 years is not easy.
➡Apple with phone and apps innovations has the biggest portion of the market!! They transformed phones into small computers that are cameras, gps, game devices and everything.
➡And Netflix has taken a huge portion of the cable TV space!! One day cable may be a thing of the past thanks to Netflix.

👉5-Is the company outperforming the index?
The only reason to pick individual stocks is to outperform the market!! The S&P500 has a return of 11% a year during a 30 years average.
11% is a better return than any savings account. By just riding the market there is no need to study individual companies and one can have all the free time in the world.
These companies have created over 100% growth and at the moment they are overvalued, but if buying for the long run, 2 years, 5 years or 10 years.

📑What do you think about my stock picks? Leave your comments, questions, opinions and ideas down below!! I read & reply to all comments!!

💖Thank you so much for being here with me and watching this video!! I appreciate you and your time!! Have a profitable, healthy and wonderful day!!

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