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How To Become A Crown Ambassador & Earn Residual Passive Income Doing From Home

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How To Become A Crown Ambassador & Earn Residual Passive Income Doing From Home


Why DXN is the Right Choice?

DXN offers opportunities for everyone to start a business with low-risk and low-cost :

● DXN is the world's largest Ganoderma company and leading international network marketing organization.
● DXN offers you low price but high quality products; while maintaining a low profile with the potential of generating high income.
● The first Network Marketing organization to implement the concept of "One World One Market"; with a single membership, you can do your business in any country in the world and enjoy worldwide bonus.
● DXN's products are developed in-house; we do our own cultivation, manufacturing, marketing and distribution.
● is ranked No. 15 under the Direct Selling News (DSN)'s Global ranking for the year 2018.
● DXN utilizes a fair and Win-Win Marketing Plan; as your downlines get promoted, you will enjoy better rewards.
● Recognition and accolades from around the world.
● An organization consisting of a professional management team.
● A company that prioritizes health maintenance, financial independence and personal achievement, with the intention of improving one's quality of life.

DXN Business:
- No Risk
- Less Effort
- High Reward

- High Risk
- High Effort
- High Reward

- Less Risk
- Less Effort
- Less Reward

Beginning is Good

As a qualified Star Agent and Star Ruby, you will enjoy:
● Star Group Bonus of 25% to 35%
● Development Bonus of 15%
● Cellphone Incentive
● Overseas Trip Cash Incentive
● Travel Seminar Incentive 1%
● Low Maintenance

Middle is Good

As a qualified Star Diamond to Gold Diamond, you will enjoy:
● Star Group Bonus of 37%
● Development Bonus of 15%
● Profit Sharing of 2%
● Travel Seminar Incentive of 2%
● Leadership Bonus of 5% to 8.3%

Ending is Good

As a qualified Crown Diamond to Crown Ambassador, you will enjoy:
● Star Group Bonus of 37%
● Development Bonus of 15%
● Profit Sharing of 2%
● Travel Seminar Incentive of 2%
● Leadership Bonus of 8.5% to 15%

Travel Opportunities

Is travelling one of the items on your bucket list? Do you have a list of places you would like to visit? Historical sites, architectural marvels, white, sandy beaches?

Well, get ready to put a tick on your bucket list because with DXN, you reap many rewards and one of these is the opportunity to travel to different parts of the world. As you achieve certain qualifying points, DXN will give you an all-expense, fully paid trip.
So join DXN today as a distributor, to qualify for these trips.


Retirement Plan

Are you afraid that when you retire, you will be broke and have to depend on others? Are you afraid that you will still be working to make ends meet?

Your retirement can be different! It's not necessary for you to be old, living on a small pension, and spending your retired life depending on others or with declining health. You have the full potential to retire young, healthy and wealthy with the right system that can work for you forever and secure your future.

Join thousands of people, who have retired healthy, wealthy and young with the DXN System. DXN's unique Marketing Plan, helps you to use, share and build for your retirement:

● A system that will work for you and your future generations by leveraging time, effort and money : a 1% effort from 100 people instead of 100% effort from 1 person.
● A secure source of income with time and financial freedom : your income does not only depend on your time and effort. It is based on :
- Your own purchases
- Puchases by your consumers

● Entire volume of sales generated by your whole team
● Retire with passive income.
● Efforts you have made so far are insured : your position/status and income are transferable to your next of kin.
● Unlimited time - DXN gives you the opportunity to keep increasing your wealth for as long as you want. Start working as young as 18 years of age and keep on working for as long as you wish :
- No compulsory retirement
- Ever-growing business

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